10 Creative Birthday Surprise Ideas to Make Their Day Extra Special

It might seem like when it comes to birthday celebrations, everything has been done. It’s like there’s nothing new that you can do to surprise the celebrants. However, here are 10 creative birthday surprise ideas to make their day extra special:

  • Delivery delight: Deliveries are big these days. Make the celebrant feel special through a surprise delivery. It may be a gift, a cake, flowers, or a full meal for the celebrant. If you are generous enough, you may send enough food for the celebrant’s co-workers or classmates too.  

Other things that you may have delivered are pizza, cupcakes, singing telegrams, balloons, and cash bouquets. This will make up for the unfortunate instances when the celebrant’s birthday falls on a working day or school day. 

  • Message master: Be the message master. You can make a video message using Celebrate and send it to the celebrant or upload it on a social media platform. You can also take the initiative to collect messages from other people who are also special to the celebrant. 

The possibilities of being creative with the videos are endless. You can give a message individually or as a group. You can ask the others to share a funny, embarrassing, or any once-in-a-lifetime experience with the celebrant. You can put together videos where they give some sort of trivia bits about the celebrant. If there’s any way to do it, you may also request a video message from the celebrant’s favorite celebrity. 

  • Mixed tape of memories: Mixed tapes may be a thing of the past for most but that’s part of its charm. It’s like how most people equate vintage to classic. It’s something that most people nowadays don’t have. This is another opportunity to get creative. You can put together songs that you both used to listen to when you were younger. You can also choose songs that you dedicate to the celebrant or songs that describe him or her. It can also be a collection of the celebrant’s favorite songs.
  • Go on an ad venture: If you know of a website, blog, vlog, or social media platform that the celebrant visit regularly, then you can use that to surprise him. Pay for ad space where you will put your birthday greetings for the celebrant. The look of surprise on his face the moment the he sees the greeting will be priceless.
  • Birthday box: You can throw a surprise birthday celebration without so much fuss. You just need to order a birthday box and everything that the celebrant will need for a fun birthday celebration will be there. You can choose the classic which contains a greeting card that also serves as the event announcement, a balloon note, a confetti-filled popper, a market bag, wish paper, a cute notebook, a special treat, and a personal message. 
  • Presence present: Sometimes, people have loved ones who live somewhere far away. Still, nothing can beat giving the present of presence. If you can afford it, you can pay for someone close to the celebrant’s plane tickets or transportation expenses. This is a surprise gift that the celebrant will never forget.
  • Message in a box: A bottle has limited space for letters but a box has sufficient space for more. You can ask other people who know the celebrant to contribute. They can write a letter to the celebrant. It may contain birthday wishes, a trip down memory lane, or anything that they want to tell him or her. 

You can ask people with different kinds of relationships to the celebrant – from family, neighbors, classmates or co-workers, churchmates, and more. Most likely, these people would find it sweet and would cooperate. you can also Read Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister With Quotes & Greetings

  • Off the bucket list: If the celebrant has been saying that he would like to go to a specific place or do something that they’ve never done before, then you can help check them off the celebrant’s bucket list. It may be a restaurant or a specific dish that they’ve never tried, an activity like scuba diving or surfing, or a spa service or going to a particular music artist’s concert. 

It may also be a place that was special for the celebrant where he hasn’t visited for a long time such as an ice cream parlor or a burger joint he used to frequent in high school. 

  • Tree treat: You can plant a tree in the celebrant’s name. They don’t have to take your word for it too. You can give the celebrant a certificate from The Arbor Foundation to attest that you did name a tree after the celebrant. It is something that they will carry with them as long as they live knowing that their tree is somewhere in a national forest, cleaning the air that people breathe. 

It may be considered a legacy, knowing that it will most likely continue to clean the air long after the celebrant is gone.

  • Snail mail surprise: Just like the mixed tape, snail mail is something that carries an air of nostalgia. Even in this day and age, nothing beats the excitement of receiving something in the mail (except for bills, that is). 

To many, it is a lost art but it never loses its touch. It’s so personal that each snail mail seems to be sealed with the magic of love and care. It shows effort and patience – something you only give willingly to people you love. It will be unexpected. Therefore, it will be memorable. 

It’s not always the price that matters. Some things are just priceless – time, effort, and our services. These are things that we can give a birthday celebrant. Although your options broaden when you have higher spending capability, you don’t need to break the bank just to make the celebrant happy. 

These 10 creative birthday surprise ideas to make their day extra special don’t all need a huge amount of money. All you need is some effort, creativity, and resourcefulness.

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