Experience the Benefits of Survival Games with Game Karma

There is a stereotype that people like to play computer games because they can be superheroes who defeat all their opponents and circumstances. They can get new lives, improve their skills, and start playing again from an unfinished level. However, such preferences in the choice of games are true only for a part of the players. Otherwise, this would not explain the sharply increased popularity of survival games in recent years. On the Game Karma platform, you will find games in every genre, from sports and adventure to shooters and puzzles.

What Is Special About Survival Games?

Survival games have several key features that make them stand out in a separate group. A significant army of fans who are looking forward to new releases has already formed around it. Perhaps, you will become one of them if you play the best games in this genre on Game Karma.


Unlike superhero games, in survival games, you will play as an ordinary person. And not just ordinary but rather weak and vulnerable; otherwise, there would be no threat to your life. Enemies will be much more powerful, and you will have to hide or run from them to survive.

Shortage of everything

If the hero faces a threat to his life, and you could teach him to survive, he will definitely fall into deficit conditions:

●     Lack of food. He will have to look for ways to get food because there will be no shops where he can take any product from the shelf.

●     Lack of medicines. He will have to treat his wounds in unconventional ways because the Pharmacy or Hospital, in which the doors will be opened to him, will not be there either.

●     Lack of housing. Your hero will have to look for lodging for the night in trees and basements, abandoned houses, and deserted dens of predators.

●     Absence of transport. Your hero will learn to overcome distances without relying on cars and buses, trains, and planes. And sometimes, you have to overcome it very quickly because formidable predators hunt for your hero.

What Survival Games Teach Players

Such a lack of everything teaches the hero and the person who plays him to use any means at hand to achieve the goal. And the main goal in such games is, of course, to survive. Ingenuity and development of the imagination will be a direct consequence of playing such genres.

Also, these games teach that sometimes, hiding and running is a better strategy than attacking and destroying everything in your path. When your enemy is much more powerful than you, you must find a place where he simply does not see you. you can also read about Birthday Wishes For Mom

If you have never played a survival game before, choose one on Game Karma and experience what it means to be a weak and vulnerable hero who is being hunted. But you can survive because you are smart, resourceful, and inventive. And, most importantly, you have the will to live, which leads you forward.

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