8 Amazing Cake Flavor Combinations You Must Try To Celebrate Your Partner’s Birthday

Cake plays an inevitable part in every celebration; especially a birthday is not celebrated without cutting a cake. They are baked tokens of happiness that come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. And also comes with different combinations of flavors and fillings of ingredients that make your party awesome with full of excitement.

If you want to give a different flavor of cake to your loved one, then we have shared a unique flavor combination. Going with these flavored cakes to order online will undoubtedly surprise your partner with the taste on their birthday.

 1] Coconut Cake With Chocolate Buttercream

Coconut chocolate cake is made up of tender and flavorful coconut layers and a silky smooth chocolate coconut buttercream that gives a delectable taste. Cake having coconut with buttercream gives you a vacation vibe. So, if your partner’s birthday falls during a holiday or vacation, order this cake from an online site and make him or her feel special.

2] Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Do you want to wish your partner a happy birthday with a fabulous combination of flavors? If yes, then you should definitely buy this cake online to make him or her feel delighted. In this cake, layers of moist, dark chocolate sponge, silky chocolate buttercream, and raspberry cake filling are decorated in a luxurious chocolate raspberry ganache.

3] Banana And Cream Cheese Cake

Banana cream cheesecake is a tropical lover’s delight, and if your partner loves to eat bananas, then you should definitely go for this. This amazing cake is prepared with banana and cream cheese which gives an awesome flavor. The cream frosting includes an extra layer of yummy flavor. So, if you want to celebrate your partner’s birthday in a memorable way, then order this from Bakingo’s online cake delivery in Bangaloreor any other city in India where you reside.

4] Fruit Choco Delight

With the richness of chocolate and the nutrition of some exotic fruits, the fruit chocolate delight is a wonderful blend. Every forkful of this cake is enhanced by the chocolate drizzle, which also infuses the light, fluffy cake base with luscious fruit. This is an ideal choice for you to celebrate your partner’s birthday in a grand way.

5] Choco Vanilla Cake

Baked with premium quality ingredients, this chocolate vanilla cake is one of the unique combinations. In this case, the fusion of choco chocolates and vanilla cream mixed appropriately to form the round-shaped cake makes it perfect that nobody denies eating. You can buy this cake from a reliable online or offline market and make your partner feel splendid.

6] Pineapple Cake With Choco Chips

Pineapple cake with choco chips is a humongous goose ball supported by chocolate bars that surely impress your loved one. This cake combines purity and efficacy with unusual flavor to create a truly unique dessert. So, if your partner is not with you, and you want to surprise him or her, then order this cake from online cake delivery and make him or her feel outstanding.

7] Kitkat Rocher Cake

The Kitkat Ferrero Rocher cake is a tremendous combination of pureness and efficacy blended with exotic flavors. If your loved one loves to eat different types of chocolate, then you should definitely go for this cake. The crunchy chocolate balls topped on the circular chocolate ethos give an awesome taste. This cake is one of the best choices for you, which will show your love and attachment.

8] Choco Velvet Cake

With the choco velvet cake, you are not just getting the richness of red velvet but also ensuring abundant chocolate treats. If you want to surprise your partner, then choco velvet cake makes the perfect dessert to impress him or her. This cake gives an eye-catching look as well as a delectable taste that will make your partner’s birthday superb.


In this blog, we have shared the world’s most popular combination of flavors to celebrate your beloved one’s birthday in a unique way. Coconut with mocha frosting cake, peanut butter coconut cake, carrot and pineapple cake, watermelon with chocolate cake, and many more are available online or offline. You can choose one of the best combination flavor cakes from the above-mentioned cake ideas and buy from authentic online or offline markets with free shipping.

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